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There’s a reason Nebraska’s called The Good Life; from the land, to our people, to the abundant resources, creating and growing a business here just makes sense. We believe in working hard and helping our neighbor.  And we take great pride in protecting and growing the industry that feeds and fuels our families- and the world! 

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From our government to your neighbors, Nebraskans support Nebraskans.We offer a business-friendly climate, an eager workforce, low crime and pollution
rates, and communities that thrive on creating opportunities for business and fun.

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Contributing Partners

Partnering with dairy farms in my community has proven to be a successful business relationship. I now commit 100% of my productions to supplying feed and exchanging manure with my local dairy farms and it is the best thing I've ever done for the economic viability of my farm.

Robert Johnston Grain Farmer near Clearwater, NE
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