Grow Nebraska Dairy

Our People

Our People & Communities
Stand With Your Operation

From our government to your neighbors, Nebraskans support Nebraskans.
We offer a business-friendly climate, an eager workforce, low crime and pollution rates, and
communities that thrive on creating opportunities for business and fun.

Ag-Friendly Counties

Nebraskans understand the value of agriculture and work together to support our farmers and ranchers. The Nebraska Legislature created the Livestock Friendly County Program to recognize and assist counties’ that actively support the livestock industry. These areas have taken a proactive approach in growing livestock operations in their area by updating their zoning regulations to support modern agriculture.

Reliable Work Force

We pride ourselves on working hard and adapting to change. We welcome new technologies, believe in high productivity and are proud tp be known for low turnover rates. Deeply rooted in agriculture, Nebraskans know livestock and are eager to work in industries that support our way of life. Finding qualified, hard-working employees is easier here. Nebraska also has lower than average rates for unemployment insurance (74% less than the national average) and workers’ compensation insurance (71.5% less than the national average). Nebraska understands animal agriculture, resulting in an experienced, knowledgeable workforce that wants to work in your industry.

Publicly Owned Utilities

Nebraska is the nation’s only 100% owned public power state. This means lower utility costs, local control and oftentime, better customer service- which helps dairy operations stay up and running at cost-effective rates. In fact, industrial rates for electricity and natural gas in Nebraska are among the lower in the nation (25% lower than the national average)

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