Grow Nebraska Dairy

The Incentives


Cost Of Living Ranks Well Below The National Average In All Major Categories, Including: Food, Housing, Utilities, Transportation And Health Care.

Our nonpartisan unicameral legislature recognizes the roll agriculture policy plays in the economic health of our state. by passing LB990, two important financial incentives for livestock operations were adopted and include the dairy industry: 

  • Qualified livestock production projects are eligible for $2,750 for each $50,000 in net investment, as well as $3,000 for each new full-time employee.
  • The Nebraska Livestock Modernization Act provides tax credits to support projects geared toward either modernizing existing structures or building new livestock facilities. Credits worth 10% of the next investment, up ot $500,000 are available per application and can include: depreciable buildings, facilities and equipment (other than motor vehicles, planes and railroad rolling stock) 

The following tax incentives are also available to dairy operations, and includes both production projects and modernization of existing operations: 

  • No sales tax on equipment for new construction
  • No Excise tax
  • No sales tax on farm inputs 
  • Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act  
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